21st January 2014


I Love My Life Dearly

I love my life dearly, because I have a wonderful family that I could never ask for more. Having a life in my hands is a joy to me. I’m very blessed to be a father/fiance/husband/bf to my family. Especially, to my wife/fiance/mother/gf I am glad to have her with me in my life.

13th December 2011



  • I need some lessons lol

13th December 2011


Getting used too

Ight soo Imma try to get on Tumblr for awhile until I get used to it haha

25th November 2011


Wohhh Tumblr is confusing haha

6th January 2011


Bad Guy In The Movie

Feels Like Every Thing I do Is Wrong, What Ever I Say Is Wrong, It End Ups No Where?

3rd January 2011


Barely Even Talk Now A Days, Whats The Point Of Having A Phone,

I Really want to Talk To her, That  Asshole, Idk Every night We Barly Talk, Each night It Becomes Hours Into mins, I Be Thinking? In My Mind Is She Telling Me She Tired Or Is She Lying? I Dont Kno What to Think, I Try To Sleep But It Was Running Through Out My mind,  Soo Much i Couldnt Even Fall Asleep, I Love her With All my heart And Soul, I Dont Kno What Els To Express On This Post Shit, Idk, I Dont Really Want To Talk About It Anymore. Goodnight, Sweet Dreams My Love.

1st January 2011


Noooo Dam You Sprint. Ughhh They better Hurry And Fix This.

31st December 2010


When I Was 15 Years Old

This Is Wayy back In The Day. Ohh Man. I Remember This Like It Was Yesterday, Lost Some Friends And Gain Some Friends, Thats How Life Is, 2011 Is Near, Time For A Fresh Start :]

25th December 2010


rea-irixyu said: Hey, it's Andrea~ Follow me back please? :D


24th December 2010


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